Champagne bottle with the classic red Arla milk design


Title: "Mjölk"

Artist: Alex Norqvist

Medium: Spray Paint, Mixed Media on Canvas

Dimensions: 70 x 150 cm

Year: 2022

Description: "Mjölk" is a nostalgic painting that pays homage to the simplicity and comfort associated with a classic Arla mjölk package. At the center of the canvas lies a charming depiction of the iconic packaging, evoking a sense of familiarity and warmth. The artwork becomes a visual ode to the daily rituals and the nourishing essence found in a simple carton of Arla mjölk.

The title, "Mjölk," adds a touch of Scandinavian authenticity to the artwork, emphasizing the cultural significance of this staple. This painting unfolds into a visual narrative, where the Arla mjölk package becomes a symbol of tradition, home, and the cherished routines that shape our lives.

"Mjölk" becomes a heartfelt celebration of the daily rituals that connect us to our roots and bring a sense of comfort. This artwork is a charming addition to any collection, inviting viewers to appreciate the beauty found in the simplicity of a timeless mjölk package.


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