Title: "Loved"

Artist: Alex Norqvist

Medium: Spray Paint, Mixed Media on Canvas

Dimensions: 100 x 150 cm

Year: 2022

Description: "Loved" is a poignant painting that delves into the realm of emotion and connection. At its core, the canvas features a woman's face adorned with a heart delicately placed around the eye, symbolizing a profound and tender sense of love. The artwork becomes a visual ode to the beauty of human connection and the warmth that emanates from affection.

The title, "Loved," amplifies the emotional resonance of the artwork, underlining the theme of love that permeates the piece. This painting unfolds into a heartfelt narrative, where the woman's face with the heart around the eye becomes an evocative representation of the vulnerability and beauty inherent in being loved.

"Loved" becomes a celebration of the intimate and tender moments that define our connections with others. This artwork is a stirring addition to any collection, prompting viewers to reflect on the power of love and the profound impact it has on the human experience.


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