Painting of a person with a beanie, blue glasses and a cigarette in their mouth


Title: "Brooklyn"

Artist: Alex Norqvist

Medium: Spray Paint, Acrylic, Mixed Media on Premium Canvas

Dimensions: 150 x 200 cm

Year: 2023

Description: "Brooklyn" is an extraordinary, original artwork that stands at 150x200 cm in size. This captivating piece is a unique fusion of spray paint, acrylic, and various other mediums, expertly applied onto a premium stretched canvas.

The shades of blue and green evoke a sense of tranquility, connecting the viewer to the natural world and symbolizing the harmony between urban life and the environment. The infusion of yellow and orange infuses the painting with warmth, representing the energy and vivacity that pulses through the streets of Brooklyn.

Amidst this colorful tapestry, the subtle grays convey a nod to the city's industrial history while also reflecting the resilience and adaptability of its inhabitants.

Alex's creation is more than just a painting; it's a tribute to the spirit of Brooklyn and the diverse souls who have left their mark on its tapestry. The abstract visage is a mirror to the countless stories that have shaped this iconic borough.


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